Clarity breakfast, Tuesday 2 June 2015: Choosing typefaces and fonts for clear communication

Do fonts and typefaces affect the readability of documents? When is type too small? What does the research say? How do I choose the right font for my document?

Paul Luna is Professor of Typography and Graphic Communication at the University of Reading, and before that was head of corporate design at OUP. Drawing on his extensive experience as a designer, researcher and teacher, Paul will help us make more informed font choices for our contracts, documents and emails, and may even offer an opinion on the fonts our legislators should be using for Acts of Parliament online.

As usual, we thank the City Remembrancer’s office in the City of London for generously hosting the meeting and breakfast at the Guildhall.

8:00  Breakfast

8:30  Introduce ourselves

8:35   Presentation by Paul Luna

9:05   Questions and discussion

9:25   Thanks and close the meeting

9:30   Those who must get to work can get away: others can stay to talk (and view the Roman amphitheatre, if open) until 9:45.

Location: The City Centre (the new name for the City Marketing Suite) at the Guildhall, entrance H on the map at

To reserve a place: Please email There is no charge to attend. Non-members are welcome to try one meeting before they join Clarity, but Clarity members have priority when booking.

Other Clarity events in 2015: A full programme of London events for 2015 is on Clarity’s website.

More about Clarity. Clarity is the international organisation for plain language in the law. For more information, see this article in the Law Society Gazette. The 2015 subscription is US$ 35 for an individual or organisation, and gives you notice of all our meetings, free entry to all Clarity breakfasts, and the excellent journal.


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